From Darkness to Light:

About Me & My Path to Freedom

I’m a Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher, Naturotherapist, Energy body-worker and travel enthusiast. My highest intention is to help guide people towards their inner wisdom. Through the spiritual, mental and physcial theory and application of Yoga, students can develop their self-awareness and step into their own experience of wellbeing and inner joy. My teaching is inspired by my own life journey; a fusion of the lessons, philosophy, messages, gifts, and phisical knowledge that I’ve studied and gathered over the years that have helped me overcome obstacles, recognize the beauty of life and the source of that abundance within. 

Devprayag, India 2016
I’m from Chateauguay, now living in Longueuil. As an athlete and lover of movement, I participated in many activities over the years, including: Figure skating, latin ballroom as well as modern/contemporary dancing, martial arts (capoeira and kemp jiujitsu). I competed regionally and provincially in figure skating and short track sprinting, and I was captain and mvp of my intercity soccer team.

I have a bachelor’s degree specializing in Psychology and, other than yoga, I have completed certificates in the fields of nutrition, personal fitness training and athletic coaching. I figure skated for over 20 years and also coached for 10 of those years (professionally in the last 6). I started practicing yoga between 2001-2003, after a downhill ski accident and subsequent [ACL] knee surgery. My yoga teaching career began in 2008 and I started teaching Anusara yoga in 2011.

Yoga is therapy for the soul.

Since becoming a yoga teacher I have taught over 5000 hours of classes. I’ve completed over 1000 hours of trainings with many gifted teachers including specialized trainings in yoga therapy with Carina Raisman and Martin Kirk; Anusara® yoga with my teacher’s Robin Golt & Barrie Risman; prenatal yoga with Janice Clarfield; yogic meditation and philosophy workshops with Daryl Vansier, Sally Kempton, Carlos Pomeda, Mark Dyczkowski and Bill Mahony; anatomy trainings and workshops with Tom Myers and Adam Ballenger; and completed my Reiki (energy healing) Master certificate with Shanti Ji Rubens.

I am currently teaching Anusara yoga locally and internationally offering workshops and teaching at festivals. I offer group and private yoga lessons, immersion and teacher trainings. I am the Canadian Regional Coordiantor and licensed member of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga, an E-RYT500 member of the Yoga Alliance and certified member of the Association of Naturotherapists of Quebec.

Shadows within…

I grew up in what was then called a “broken home.” For the most part we were a happy family, my parents loved us and provided us with everything that we needed. There were many good moments but it’s the challenging moments that taught me how to self-reflect and therefore the ones that have imprinted me the most.

My parents had gone through what felt like a never ending divorce battle, one that my brother and I were caught in the middle of. When my father remarried, and my home turned into a frequent orchestra of yelling, arguing, verbal [sometimes physical] abuse, and lots of uneasiness. One of my bitter-sweet memories includes reading storybooks to my younger sibblings to help keep them distracted while my parents were fighting. It was bitter because of the context, sweet because that quality time that allowed me to build a strong bond with them and I learnt that even in the midst of difficult times precious moments are possible. That marriage too dissolved but the stories created during that time continued to be a source of inner turmoil.

At school I got along well with everyone, inside however was a nagging shadow of shame that I could not shake off. I felt alone, believing that I was the only one experiencing unhappiness. I also felt like I was the only one trying to grasp the meaning of life. I felt isolated in thinking that while everyone else was having fun being a teenager, I was contemplating life, my roll in it, and trying to keep my head above the sea of emotions that I often felt myself drowning in. There were many times I felt depressed and battled my with my own ego’s desire to just disappear. But, a deeper part of me knew that there was something bigger going on and I was curious enough to follow that feeling and find out where it would take me.

The ego is as you think of yourself. You in relation to all the commitments of your life, as you understand them. The self is the whole range of possibilities that you’ve never even thought of. And you’re stuck with you’re past when you’re stuck with the ego. Because if all you know about yourself is what you found out about yourself, well, that already happened. The self is a whole field of potentialities to come through.

Joseph Campbell

Rishikesh, India 2016

A Glimmer of Hope…

In grade 11 (secondary 5) that I started finding the answers I had been looking for. My morals education teacher, Mrs.Simpkin, had us read the book The Celestine Prophecy (by James Redfield). It’s a book about the lead character’s spritual awakening as he experiences 9 insights that are described in an ancient Peruvian manuscript. That was literally the first novel I read cover to cover! There was no preist in the 4 churches I had previously been a member of that could reveal what this book revealed to me in one read. A gate in my psyche had opened and I finally felt like all the answers to my questions were waiting for me, that it was only a matter of time and that my healing now could begin.

That summer I moved out of my childhood home to move in with my mother who was living in a different city. I spent the summer reading through about 13 other spirituality/self-help books cover-to-cover. I truly believed that my answers were in those books somehow, and as I read I could feel my heart opening, and the sweet taste of  joy that I could possibly exprience in greater depth if I just kept moving forward.  Reading those books I learnt that I was not the only one who experiences suffering or who feels alone. I leanrt that suffering is merely a tunnel we sometimes go through in order to clearly recognize the blissfulness that is already built within, and that once we find even a fraction of that inner radiance, the suffering becomes optional.

Flowing with Grace

The first major outpouring of inner wisdom came in the summer of 2008, during my first 200-hr yoga teacher training at the Yandara Yoga Institute in Mexico. Everything that I had been learning over the years finally sprouted out from my heart during a 6-hour medition sitting on top of a desert mountain, overlooking the Pacific ocean. I had a vision of where my life was going and the next steps I needed to take to get there.

A great lesson I received in my training was that the only constant in life is change itself. That at each step of the way we can remind ourselves that Life is now and bring ourselves to the present moment by internally affirming the statement, “AND, NOW IT’S LIKE THIS.” If we wish to see beyond our suffering or evolve beyond our painful stories, we need to learn how to let go of the bondages that keep us entangled with them (our stories that is).

Determined to release the bondages that had been holding me victim, and excited about finally living my life purpose, I returned home, ended a toxic 6 year relationship, reconciled with my father after 8 years of not speaking, and I started teaching yoga. A year later, after a USA road trip, I discoverd Anusara yoga and the philosophy and practice of non-dual Tantra: A radical practice of recognizing the abundant essence of life and the way in which we are all part of it’s graceful flow. By 2012, I was teaching yoga full-time, consciously co-creating life and feeling spiritually secure that wherever my life would take me, I’d have the necessary tools to find peace.

Pictures below – Yoga Teacher Trainig, Mexico 2008 “My first expereince of inner Bliss”:

Despite multiple obstacles, I feel blessed that I have been able to see the gift in each of my experiences. I want to believe that what happens in our individual lives is a microcosm of what is happening in other people’s lives all over the world. And that, if it is possible for one person it heal it is also possible for all to heal. It is for this reason I teach yoga. I think we all share a common bond – the desire to feel complete, at peace and capable of experiencing joy. If I can share with others the very knowledge and practices that have helped me discover my true nature, then hopefully those same people can discover a part of themselves that will bring them to the wisdom and joy they are ultimately searching for.

When Doing becomes infused with the timeless quality of being that is success.

Eckhart Tolle

Off the yoga mat…

There is so much life to experince. The greatest thing I’ve learnt and experienced first hand, is that we are all interconnected and that everything in life can serve as a gateway to knowing one’s own Divine nature, because everything, at it’s essence, is Divine. That being said, I also learnt that the only Truth is that we all have our own truth and that through the sharing of truths we expand. This awareness has given me insight into the beauty of life and the abundance that is all around us.

When I’m not teaching yoga I love to read, watch movies or spend quality time with friends and family. My guilty pleasure is a hot chai or matcha latté, and on occasion you’ll catch me binging on french fries. I love travelling, experienceing other cultures, cuisines and learning different languages. I even have my Canadian-Portuguese dual-citizenship and hope that that will help me practice and share more of what I love.

Vienna, Austria 2017

I consider myself an abundant minimalist, a true yogi at heart. My most prized possessions are within and I try to live a simple and minimalistic lifestyle. Having taken an interest in environmental issues, I do my best to reduce my carbon footprint and hope to speak more openly about it in the future and inspire others to becoming more Earth-friendly.

Yoga is not a job for me, it is an integral part of my life path and philosophy. My life purpose is to learn, grow and share and then repeat that process over again. I’m a seeker, always curious, sometimes stubborn but mostly just trying to figure life out like everyone else. It’s an ever expanding process, that challenges me in all the right ways, rewards my every effort and therefore one that I welcome with open arms and practice with an open heart.

To the Divine in us all I bow and humbly honor and celebrate this gift of life. Namaste.

Home – South Shore Montréal

Yoga is a passion that consistently opens me to the joy of life; teaching is the vehicle I use to share my passion with others so that they too can experience the joy of life.


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“Jeannine is transforming into an expert in yoga training, meditation, and philosophy. I enjoy her teachings from movement, strength, flexibility, as well as her stories of personal growth and achievement.” Karen