As a Certified Anusara® yoga teacher and teacher trainer, it’s my pleasure to share with you the teachings of this uplifting and liberating method!

Anusara yoga is a life-affirming, alignment based school of Hatha yoga, which celebrates the vibrancy of life that pulsates in all of nature and in each of our hearts. The philosophy of the Anusara yoga teachings is drawn from the non-dual Tantric philosophies of India. The inclusive nature of these teachings makes it accessible to those from all religious and cultural backgrounds. Each class is anchored by a specific theme that highlights the spiritual intention of the physical practice. A sequence of yoga asanas (poses) are explored using scientifically based principles called Universal Principles of Alignment™. These principles will teach you how to align your body and mind with the hearts intention in a way that improves physical posture & optimizes psychological well-being in your everyday life.

Why practice Anusara yoga?

ॐ To feel empowered and more connected to nature,
ॐ To align with your own sense of awareness, truth, and inner joy,
ॐ To learn how to physically align your body, improve posture, circulation, and overall health & well-being
ॐ To surrender your insecurities and recognize your inner beauty,
ॐ To cultivate a more loving and compassionate connection to yourself and those around you,
ॐTo discover your life purpose and practice with a community that supports your unique journey

Ready to practice Anusara yoga?

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“Whether she relies on knowledge, skills or pure intuition, Jeannine has the extraordinary ability to sense exactly what the body is trying to communicate in it’s own “words”. Her lengthy expertise in various fields, alongside her genuine empathy and compassion, makes the journey towards healing, a comfortable and enjoyable one.”