I approach the yoga practice holistically. For me yoga is a spiritual discipline, a lifestyle and a therapeutic aid and means of wellness. I’m innately curious about life and about discovering the infinite possibilities of the human body and mind. My classes are detail oriented, I instruct not and provide reasoning and the benefits behind what is being taught. My main intention is to guide students through practices that can potentially spark insight and deeper understanding and joy.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self - The Bhagavad Gita

My teaching is inspired by my practice and passion for yogic philosophy, psychology, physiology, myofasical bodywork and movement therapy. My past experience as a trained athlete and artist in figure skating, martial arts and dance has also given me a lot of insight into how one can unfold one’s potential. The style of yoga that best speaks to what students can expect from my classes is Anusara yoga.

Anusara® Yoga

Anusara yoga is a life-affirming, alignment based method of Hatha yoga. It’s a method that seeks to celebrate the vibrancy of life that pulsates in all of nature and in each of our hearts. The philosophy of the Anusara yoga teachings is rooted in the philosophy of non-dual Tantric philosophies of India. The inclusive nature of these teachings makes it accessible to those from most religious and cultural backgrounds. Ultimately the goal of the practice is about refining our awareness of the more subtle aspects of life, nature and our own potential and to enjoy those discoveries, by saying YES to life and the multitude of ways that life can be experienced.

The Anusara yoga class is anchored by a specific theme, presented at the opening of the class. The theme highlights the spiritual intention of physical practice. A sequence of yoga asanas (poses) are explored using scientifically based principles called Universal Principles of Alignment™. Unlike exercise programs which use movement as a means to some physical end, the Anusara yoga practice uses movement and alignment techniques to biologically and spiritually align with one’s true nature, and as a way of integrating (or putting into action) one’s highest intention for one’s life. 

The alignment principles weaved together with reminders of the class theme/intention serve as gateways to learning about the deeper sides of ourselves. In doing so students progressively learn not only how to align their posture, but also to align with the heart. The result – improved physical posture, optimal psycho/spiritual well-being in your everyday life and an overall joie de vivre as other impediments and obstacles, to the full expression of who we are, dissolve.

When we align with the truth of Essence Nature, all that is not Truth dissolves. - Abhinavagupta, Tatrasaara

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