Why You Should Practice Yoga

Practice yoga because it will change your life! Practice yoga because it will teach you about yourself. Practice yoga because when you know more about yourself you will learn how to thrive in the face of challenges, how to manage your own...

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So’Ham – This Autumn Season’s Mantra

Namaste friends, students, and lovers of love like myself, I'm guided these days is the mantra SO'HAM (aka: HAM'SA). It means I AM THAT! That Absolute, Universal, the Core of life, I am all that I experience and all that I have yet to experience. There is no...

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Media Resources for You

We can all use a little more yoga in our lives. Here are a few resources for you. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. I hope my work and studies continue to serve the highest in you. Meditation in 4 Steps (Nov. 2015) Low Back Pain Rehabilitation (by...

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