Class Descriptions

Each class will highlight postural alignment and a yoga philosophy theme that will help students better integrate the principles of yoga in their daily lives.

Along with your weekly or bi-weekly class, you will also receive a course handout and access to online tutorials and mini-classes to support your practice when you’re not in class.


Sādhana literally translates as “a means of accomplishing something”, in the yoga tradition it refers to any spiritual exercise that is aimed at progressing the student towards their most complete expression of Self. This more traditional approach to Anusara yoga is designed as a more introverted exploration of Self through the contemplation of different Tantric teachings, alignment focused asana (posutures), pranayama (breath work) and meditation. The goal of this class is to: 

  • Introduce you to the teachings of Tantric philosophy,
  • Help you establish proper biomechanical alignment in your asanas,
  • Give you tools and practices that you can use to create or build upon an at home practice.

Level 1-2: This is a moderate paced class. Poses are held for longer and students will be taught a greater range of postures (asanas), preparatory poses for more advanced asanas, and more complex breath work (pranayama). [Pre-requisit: Good health and desire to learn about yourself]

Level 3: This is a dynamic class for serious yoga students and yoga teachers. We will explore more complex yoga asanas (including headstands and hand-balancing) and pranayama. [Pre-Requisite: teacher’s permission -OR- you are a yoga teacher]


This interactive semi-private series is designed for those who are looking for a more therapeutic practice to help manage chronic back pain caused by injury or stress. Students will gain a better understanding of the causes of back pain and how to manage it through proper breathing techniques, postural alignment and lifestyle modifications.  Classes will focus on practicing gentle yoga sequences and technique in order for students to have first hand experience of how yoga can help to transform our relationship with pain. Students will receive a course handout sheet with the topics covered during the session as well as access to online video resources so that they can practice at home. Practices are very gentle and a each student will be asked to complete a health form so that each session is personalized to the needs of the participants.  [No previous experience required. Private Yoga Therapy sessions may be better suited for more accute injuries/illnesses please contact Jeannine if you’re unsure. ONLY 4 PEOPLE WILL BE ACCEPTED PER SESSION.]


This intermediate practice includes a full spectrum of yoga postures (sun salutations, inversions, standing poses, backbends and arm balances, seated poses). The challenging 3-hour sequence will help you build strength and stamina and reignite your passion for the practice. The teacher practices with the students, therefore, minimal verbal instructions will be given. [Pre-requisites: Familiar with sun salutations, full wheel & handstand at the wall, sense of humor and enthusiasm, no active injuries]


This relaxation classes is open to all levels. The course includes sweets gentle movements tailored for you, followed by restful and cushion-supported yoga postures, Pranayama (breathing exercises) to balance the nervous system, therapeutic maneuvers, and a long guided relaxation to finish the course. * Good for the management of: insomnia, stress, depression, muscular tension, and + …. [Prerequisite: None]

“Whether she relies on knowledge, skills or pure intuition, Jeannine has the extraordinary ability to sense exactly what the body is trying to communicate in it’s own “words”. Her lengthy expertise in various fields, alongside her genuine empathy and compassion, makes the journey towards healing, a comfortable and enjoyable one.” Melina