Corporate Yoga

Bring yoga to your office! All you need is a GROUP and a SPACE to practice and your set. Classes are geared to the groups’ needs and a wide range of yoga poses, meditations and breathing exercises can be practiced.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga:

  • increases productivity and efficiency
  • promotes team work and supportive employee interaction
  • better morale and job satisfaction
  • gives employees the tools to cope with the stress and the challenges of work
  • improved focus, concentration and memory
  • detoxifies and tones muscles
  • good for relieving pain from repetitive movement and work related injuries
  • improves overall physical and mental health
  • improves posture and flexibility
  • Inspires employees to have a better day!

Let’s bring some inspiration to your workplace!

“Whether she relies on knowledge, skills or pure intuition, Jeannine has the extraordinary ability to sense exactly what the body is trying to communicate in it’s own “words”. Her lengthy expertise in various fields, alongside her genuine empathy and compassion, makes the journey towards healing, a comfortable and enjoyable one.”