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Here you will find a list of my upcoming events. Events will be added to this list as they become available. Please visit this page frequently to see postings of new events! If you would like to co-host an event with me or have me teach an event for your studio please contact me (local and international invitations welcomed)!

Yoga: Soma, Fascia, Alignment

3-week series | June 2-to-18

Online via Zoom



3 week yoga & somatic movement series (cours bilingues EN/FR)
Moderate level: Tuesday 17h-18h30
Advanced level: Wednesday 10h30-12h
Moderate level: Thursday 17h-18h30


In this 3 week yoga series we explore our bodies in new ways. You’ll learn how to feel the origins of how you move, dissolve tension and align in new ways to help facilitate the development of healthy movement patterns.

Each class will include:

1) Somatic movement – movement designed to calm the nervous system, disengage overactive and unnecessary survival mechanisms, and awaken new neural pathways.

2) Fascial release, stretch and strengthening through movement and asana – Fascia is the connective tissue of the body that forms the cells, muscles and organs and holds our posture (among other things). When the tissues adhere to one another (from physical injury, unhealthy postures, repetitive movements, or psycho-emotional trauma), tension arises and limits our movement, our strength, flexibility and the way we feel. This work will facilitate the release of tension and emotional trauma from the tissues and establish harmony between body and mind.

3) Postural alignment – Anusara yoga’s Universal Principles of Alignment will be taught in the yoga postures to help establish the proper balance of strength and flexibility and functional support for the body. This will keep the body safe during practice and help the body to adopt new ways of holding itself to minimize the risk of future injury and discomfort as we move through life.

Each class will end in meditation or integration period.

Cost: $60 (includes full access to all the classes. 1 theme per week will be presented.)
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Eye of the Tiger

May 31 | 1:00-4:00pm

Online via Zoom


This intermediate practice includes a full spectrum of yoga postures (sun salutations, inversions, standing poses, backbends and arm balances, seated poses). The challenging 3-hour sequence will help you build strength and stamina and reignite your passion for the practice. The teacher practices with the students, therefore, minimal verbal instructions will be given.

Pre-requisites: Familiar with sun salutations, full wheel & handstand at the wall, sense of humor and enthusiasm, no active injuries

Cost: By donation (suggestion: $10-25/class)
Space is limited RSVP! 

Yoga Nidra (in French)

Date TBD | 8:00-9:00pm

Online via Zoom


YOGA NIDRA is a restful and restorative guided relaxation practice. The whole practice is done lying down. But don’t fall asleep! You won’t want to miss the opportunity of seeing the deeper side of yourself 🙂 The practice consists of a self body scan, breath awareness and visualization practices. Deeply restorative and nourishing, 1 hour of quality Yoga Nidra has been shown to be equivalent to 4 hours of deep sleep. 

RESTORATIVE YOGA postures are more restful and require minimum to no effort to maintain. Each pose is held for a few minutes so that the mind and body can completely rest. This practice is extra gentle and poses are adapted for each person and supported by props (blankets, blocks, chairs, etc…). Emphasis is on relaxation and breathing rather than deep stretching.  

Open to all!

Cost: By donation (suggested: $10-25/class)
Space is limited RSVP! 

Europe Tour 2021 – schedule

***Please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions the following workshops have been postponed. New dates will be listed as they become available.***

March 10-14: Samavesha Yoga Festival  (Bath, England) 
Dates TBD: Tree of Life (Brussels, Belgium)
Dates T
BD: Trimotion Zentrum (Klosterneuburg, Austria)
Dates TBD: Santosa Yoga (Munich, Germany)


*Refund policy for paid weekly classes: Refund will be offered within the 10-days following purchase (for unmissed classes only), after the 10th day no refunds will be issued. ALL refunds will exclude any PayPal service fees.

**For paid workshops: Purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable after the start of the workshop and in the 14 days prior to the workshop. ALL refunds will exclude any PayPal service fees.

***Policy on missed weekly classes: If you miss a class, you (or a friend) may attend another class ONLY IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE, and with advanced reservation.

****Refund Policy for immersion and teacher trainings: Please read the refund policy in the information package.