Namaste friends, students, and lovers of love like myself,

I’m guided these days is the mantra SO’HAM (aka: HAM’SA). It means I AM THAT! That Absolute, Universal, the Core of life, I am all that I experience and all that I have yet to experience. There is no experience outside of that. No one can feel what you feel in the way that you feel it, no one is behind your senses experiencing life the way you do.In the Tantric yoga philosophies, LIFE is not something that happens to us from the outside, LIFE arises from the inside. In other words –  we are creating LIFE moment to moment. This gift of creativity can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on what our creative energy has to pass through as it moves from our core to the surface of our being. Does our energy move through fear, hate, doubt? Or, does or creative energy move through love, compassion and acceptance? I think these are all things we have heard before, and yet why is it so difficult to remain in a state of perpetual peace and well-being?

This is where yoga spiritual practice comes in.
“Spiritual” practice = practices that connect you to spirit.
“Spirit” = your inner most self, your core or heart, your most pure and authentic self beyond the filters and masks that others might see from the outside. It’s the You that only You know. The power of yoga, and I’ll speak from my experience, is that it allows us to recognize our inner most selves (purest and most authentic aspect of ourselves) and access it more readily.
So that we can create our lives with fewer filters. Once this happens, life becomes truly a reflection of who we are in our hearts, and less overshadowed or run by the fear based filters that lead to stress and dis-ease. Recognizing the THAT that we are is the key to creating the life we want to see (hey that rhymes!).

I hope you’ll join me this September for a season of Anusara® yoga – Tantric philosophy and Universal Principles of Alignment in asanas (yoga poses/exercises) that will explore the THAT that we each are. *Space is limited so please reserve as soon as possible! (Click here for autumn schedule and registration info)

(Photo caption: Me in the Carpathian Mountains in Transalpina, Romania)