The Discipline of Practice & The Art of Teaching
Anusara Yoga 200-hr Immersion Teacher Training 

(Next cycle of training begins September 2019. Please contact me to sign-up for the info package)

The Discipline of Practice: Anusara® Yoga 100-hr Immersion Training 2018


  • You love yoga and wish you could take your practice to the next level but don’t know where to start?
  • You’d like to begin an at home yoga practice but feel like you need more tools in order to practice with confidence?
  • You’re looking for a teacher training but you’d like one that is more centered on you as a student?
  • You’re a yoga teacher and would love to refine your awareness of self and/or specialize in an alignment based yoga practice.
  • You value personal development and are looking for a course that will help you create a stronger connection .


The Anusara Yoga 100-hr Immersion is a one of a kind study and practice program that will deepen and expand your awareness and knowledge of yoga and yourself and shift your awareness of the world around you. Through lecture, group discussions, over 40-hours of asana practice and workshops, journaling, and home study, you can expect to gain practical knowledge and experience in the following topics: Anusara yoga methodology, Universal Principles of Alignment™, Non-Dual Tantric philosophy, general yoga history & philosophy, asana, physical and esoteric anatomy, pranayama, and meditation. This course is the pre-requisite for the 200-hr Anusara Yoga Teacher Training program.

As a students of this course you can expect to:

  • Gain a strong foundation in the Anusara yoga method, the philosophy of non-dual Tantra, and learn what it means to walk the yogic path.
  • Receive practical tools, practice sequences, alignment skills and techniques  to confidently begin an at home yoga practice
  • Expand your definition of self by learning about and contemplating on the insights and questions that sages and yoga masters contemplated thousand of years ago.
  • Become part of a growing community of students from all around the world who have gone through this program.
  • Receive continuing education credits recognized by Yoga Alliance


ॐ 18 years of age or older
ॐ Physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to participate fully in group discussions, partner work, and attend all classes.
ॐ Functional understanding of the English language
ॐ Student must fulfill at least ONE (1) of the following criteria:
      – 1 year regular practice of Anusara Yoga
      – Completion of the 12-hour Universal Principles of
Alignment Workshop.
– Successful completion of a Yoga Teacher Training
– Received teachers approval to participate.


Immersion 1:
SAVE $50 with Early Bird Registration!

Early bird (paid in full by March 15th): $550
Regular (paid after March 15th): $600
Registration deadline: April 1st. 

Immersion 1, 2 & 3:
SAVE $100 with Early Bird Registration!

Early bird (immersion 1 paid by March 15th): $1550
Regular (immersion 1 paid after March 15th): $1650
Payments must be received in full by: April 1st (for immersion 1) & June 1st (for immersion 2 & 3)

*The above prices do not include cost of texts and manuals.

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“The immersion course was everything I could have hoped for, it met and exceeded my expectations. Jeannine created a safe space where I feel everyone was able to flourish. I am excited to continue my journey”

“I appreciated all the material, solidifying my personal practice as well as my teaching one. I feel more confident teaching, connecting from a more authentic (heart) space.”