Private Yoga Lessons

Private Studio in Longueuil
Home Visits available upon request 

As a 5000 year old practice, Yoga as a lot to offer anyone who is seeking to expand their definition of self, from improving physical/mental/emotional health to helping you create greater peace and joy in life through it’s philosophy, principles and practice. Each lesson integrates yogic philosophy, postural alignment, breath work and meditation, for a complete practice. So, weather you are a complete beginner on this spiritual path or an experienced practitioner, private yoga lessons are a great way to deepen your self-knowledge and improve your creative self-expression and experience of life.

Benefits of a spiritual yoga practice:

  • Expand your definition of self
  • Recognizing what is possible for your life
  • Discover your inner wisdom
  • Learn principles of alignment that you can apply in your day to day movements/postures
  • Improve posture, flexibility and overall physical and mental health
  • Better understand your body and how it functions
  • Learn how to create and experience inner peace, compassion and freedom from suffering
  • Prenatal yoga: tap into your feminine energy, connect with baby, and prepare for a conscious birth
  • Yoga therapy: approach your injury, chronic pain or mental/emotional suffering in a holistic way

Styles of yoga offered:

†Naturotherapy Insurance receipts available upon request
*Private yoga lessons are 60-mins long and packages are offered for those looking to commit to weekly or bi-weekly sessions.
*Disclaimer: Yoga teachers and naturotherapists are prohibited by law to ”diagnose”, ”prescribe” treatments and offer ”cures” for health conditions. Rather, their focus is on improving general health and well-being and avoiding injury to those with health conditions.

“I have never met a teacher as focused, spiritual and safety oriented as Jeannine. She also gives much of her time after class if you have any questions or comments. She gives her yoga lessons with love and determination and teaches in a very unique, patient and loving way.”