The Discipline of Practice & Art of Teaching
200-Hour Anusara® Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training

with Jeannine Plaiche & guests teachers

Studio Location:
Longueuil, Qc (Private residence, address with registration or upon request)


The 200-Hour Anusara Immersion & Teacher Training is a unique and rewarding opportunity to study and develop your yoga practice, deepen your understanding of the Anusara yoga method and learn how to confidently teach a yoga class of your own. This course is for:

  • Serious yoga practitioners/students who seek to bring their practice to the next level or who wish to certify as Hatha yoga teachers or teach the elements of Anusara yoga.
  • Current yoga teachers who are looking to refining their knowledge of alignment and biomechanics and/or specialize in Anusara yoga.
  • Those who are open to learning, open to being mentored and are ready to commit and embark on this intensive training and journey to heart of yoga.

Part 1: Anusara Immersion: The Discipline of Study (100+ hrs)
Good teachers are also good students. This first half of the teacher training focuses all on you as a student of yoga. This immersion into yoga and Anusara yoga will help you grow your knowledge and experience of yoga philosophy, practice and of the Anusara yoga method. Through group activities, journaling and home study practices, immersion students can expect to gain knowledge in the following subjects:

  • Yoga philosophy and the foundations of Non-Dual Tantrik philosophy.
  • Study and practice of the Universal Principles of Alignment™
  • Chakras and the subtle body
  • Ayurveda
  • Anatomy, Pranayama & Meditation study
  • Etc….

Part 2: Anusara Teacher Training: The Art of Teaching (100+ hrs. Pre-requisite: Part 1, certain exceptions can be made, please contact Jeannine)
Part 2, the teacher training portion, focuses on how to skillfully teach yoga and the elements of Anusara yoga. Although subjects from Part-1 will be expanded upon, the main focus of Part-2 is to help you develop your skills and confidence as a teacher. Through solo journaling and study, small group and full group class teaching exercises, teachers who graduate from this program will have developed skill in the following subjects:

  • Effectively teaching from the heart
  • Teaching the Universal Principles of Alignment, Asana, Meditation, Pranayama
  • Teaching with a Theme
  • Anatomy and therapeutic applications in a classroom setting
  • Skillful observation
  • Hands-on and verbal adjustments
  • The business of teaching yoga, etc…

Outside of regular training hours, student-teachers will be required to observe & assess 3 group yoga classes of their choice, and assist in 1 yoga class with lead teacher. Student-teachers will also maintain a regular at home meditation and journalling practice.


Each module runs from Saturday-Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm, Friday classes will run from 6pm-9pm
1hr-1.5hours break will be given for lunch on Sat-Sun.

**Attendance is mandatory for ALL sessions in order to receive full credit. Any missed classes will have to be made up at the student’s expense. Punctuality is expected.

PART 1 – Immersion: The Discipline of Practice

Anatomy will be taught throughout!

Module 1 – The Foundations of Non-Dual Tantra and the Universal Principles of Alignment™, etc… (Price: $670 +taxes & fees)

  • Wk 1: Sept 28-29,
  • Wk 2: Oct.26-27
  • Wk 3: Nov.23-24


Module 2 – Meditation, Yoga Philosophy & Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, etc… (Price: $590 +taxes & fees)

  • Wk 4: Jan. 24-25-26
  • Wk 5: Feb.  21-22-23

Module 3 – The Bhagavad Gita, Chakras & Energy Body Anatomy, etc… (Price: $590 +taxes & fees)

  • Wk 6: Mar. 27-28-29
  • Wk 7: Apr. 24-25-26

PART 2 – Teacher Training: The Art of Teaching

Students will be practice teaching throughout each module. Anatomy will be covered throughout.
Please contact Jeannine to attend individual weekends or just part 2.

  • Wk 1: Jan 11-12
    Opening to the Bigger Picture
    -The Non-Dual Tantric Perspective & the Qualities of Oneness
    -Primary Principles of Alignment
  • Wk 2: Feb. 8-9
    Beautiful Qualities of a Teacher
    -Secondary& Refining Principles of Alignment
    -Ethics of teaching yoga
    -Observation Skills
  • Wk 3: Mar. 7-8
    Wording with Awareness
    -Language skills
    -Theming with Heart
    -Planning a class
  • Wk 4: Apr. 4-5
    Embodying the Philosophy w/ Robin Golt
    -Stories of History and Philosophy of yoga
    -How to bring the philosophy into your classes.
  • Wk 5a: May 2
    Adjust & Assist for Freedom
    -Adjustments, Assists, Demos
    -Partner wor
  • Wk 5b: May 3The Business of Yoga (May 3rd)
    -Building a business that respects yogic moral values.
    – How to make a living teaching yoga; learn the tricks of the trade.
    -Healthy pedagogical practices and building community. 
  • Wk 6: May. 23-24
    The Pursuit of Happiness
    -Anatomy of Breathing, Koshas, Chakras, Pranayama,
    -Teaching Meditation
  • Wk 7: June. 27-28
    The Teacher’s Touch
    -Student Presentations
    -Restorative & Therapeutics


18 years of age or older

Physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to participate fully in group discussions, partner work, attend all immersion sessions and to maintain a regular at home and in class practice.

Functional understanding of the English language

At least one (1) year of regular (weekly) Anusara yoga or Hatha yoga practice. (You will be required to provide your teacher’s name and contact info as reference). You need not be an advanced asana practitionner to register for this course.


Students who successfully graduate the full 200-hours training program (which includes successful completion of  all homework and classroom assignments, quiz’ and exams), and who have demonstrated an appropriate level of skill to teach a yoga class using the elements of the Anusara yoga method will be granted a teaching certificate in Alignment-Based Hatha Yoga and are eligible to apply for the Anusara Elements™ yoga teacher license with the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga as well as the RYT-200 designation with the Yoga Alliance. Any missed modules will have to be taken during the following cycle of training or made up through private mentoring sessions at additional cost by the student.


NOTE: Payment plans available upon request. Please contact Jeannine at

Full 200-hr Immersion & Teacher Training:

Early Bird Special
(Paid in full before August. 15th, 2019)
$3050(+taxes and fees)
(Regular price: 3500 +tax & fees)

100hr – Immersion or TT ONLY:

Early Bird Special
(Paid in full before August. 15th, 2019 for immersion or Oct.1, 2019 for TT)

(+taxes and fees)
(Regular Price: $1700 +tax & fees)


*All prices are in Canadian Dollars and EXCLUDE: all sales taxes, $60 course manual fee and 2.5% intellectual property fee
** All prices INCLUDE $300 non-refundable registration deposit.
***Recommended text books are to be purchased by each student (please see list of required and recommneded texts)
***Priority will be given to those who register for the full 200-hour training. Spaces are limited to maintain the integrity of the program please register early.