This is our planet. We all live here, together. Regardless of our species, race, how much money we have in the bank, the difference we have or similarities we share as individuals, this is still OUR planet. I did not consciously choose to live here, nor did you, but here we are, living here with no were else to live.

If we are lucky we will be here for 90-100 years, our children or neighbors children will be here for centuries to come. I know it seems like a long time from now, it might even be a bit stressful to think about the life of your children’s children, especially since we all have bills to pay, mouths to feed today and some of us are just wondering how we will make it to tomorrow without losing our shit. But here we still are, living well or not so well, healthy or not so healthy, stressed out or bliss’ed out together on OUR planet. 

How many of us watch the news or see a news post on fb of some natural disaster happening in another country and then thank god that it’s not happening here. We return to our bliss as if nothing has happened and that we have not been directly affected. Natural disasters are not random events. In the same way that when you have a belly ache you know it’s due to something, when there is a natural disaster it is like the planet having a belly ache. And just like our bodies that belly ache might resolve itself and in other cases that belly ache becomes the flu, a fever or sometimes something deadly. OUR planet has had lot’s of belly aches lately, and it’s not getting better, it’s actually getting worse. OUR planet has a fever and the fever is rising (there is proof of this). And just as you would solve a fever by resting, eating healthy and being wise on how you use your energy and trying to evacuate the toxins, the planet has been doing it’s best to do that. But what are the toxins of OUR planet? WE ARE!!!

There have been a massive spike in natural disasters in the last 30-40 years. How long before OUR planet goes into complete purge-mode? We are making OUR planet sick. OUR planet is sick.

But there is HOPE, because if we are at least partly to blame for OUR planets dis-ease, then we can do our part to help cure what we are responsible for. Most of the developed world lives a fast-pace lifestyle. As such, we have become like fast-food for our planet. And if you eat fast food every day you’ll get sick. Not only are we fast-paced and doing it completely wrong, we are encouraging other, underdeveloped, slow-paced countries to follow suit; selling them all our products to help them live a fast-paced life. Just go to India and see the type of garbage they have (chip bags, and plastic wrappers and containers). Someone told me that India has a “waste management” problem. After spending some time in India speaking to locals about this so called “problem”. They voiced to me that this problem was not a problem until they started purchasing products from the west and China. The point is WE ARE THE PROBLEM, not India’s waste management method.

So let me get down to it. The way I see it, I don’t know how long I will be on this planet for, nor do I know how long we as a species will be here for. But I sure as hell want to do my best to make OUR planet healthy again. And if we are past the point of no return, I was to be sure that I’m not part of the movement that is making it worse than it needs to be. Cause quite honestly, I don’t really want to see how bad it can get. And we don’t need to look far to see what a planet is capable of doing when put under stressful conditions. Just look at our neighboring planets. What’s one thing that we have that our neighboring planets don’t? um….LIFE lol. If I want to choose life then I need to work with my planet, cause it is an extension of my body. It doesn’t just belong to me though, it belongs to you too. So I’m asking you… begging you… to choose life also, to do your very best. I believe strongly that unconsciously the planet chose us as much as we chose it so there is a give and take, but please be humble with this precious gift of life that we have. We have already been very selfish, we have taken advantage of this gift. We are now at a point where we need to take radical steps in our individual lives and collectively as a planetary community to establish balance so that the planet can begin to heal, with or without us.

So please do your best! Reflect on your habits for a moment, plant seeds of change that you can begin to implement on the long term if not as quickly as possible. Little things count. If you packed the Bell Center in Montreal (2000ppl!), and asked them all to bring their garbage from that week, the center would be completely full with trash! Now multiply that amount of garbage 3.5 million!!! That’s how much trash we are creating on this planet IN ONLY ONE WEEK!!!! So if all you do is find ways to reduce the amount of garbage you have you are doing the planet a great service. And please note that alot of what you put in your recycling ends up in the garbage so reduce that too when possible.

The old saying of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, is outdated, that’s like taking a Tylenol to help cure cancer. There is so much more knowledge out there of what you can do to help contribute to creating the cure for OUR planet. Do your research on how you can do your part. Keep your eyes open for articles and opportunities to learn more about zero waste, recycling programs, environmental conferences, etc… Learn about your city’s eco-projects and the location of the eco-centers and what is accepted there. Avoid material purchases as much as possible, single use plastic and things that are packaged. For those who are already into using reusables, please keep them to a minimum remembering that your time here is limited and when you depart you don’t want to leave behind a hundred reusable grocery bags.

As I mentioned at the beginning…This is OUR planet. We all live here, together. Regardless of our species, race, how much money we have in the bank, the difference we have or similarities we share as individuals, this is still OUR planet. I did not consciously choose to live here, nor did you, but here we are, living here with no were else to live. Let’s help live in harmony with it.

Thank you for caring enough to get to this point in the post. Please keep doing your best and when possible make radical leaps of change. Thank you for reading