Events Calendar 2022

Namaste yogi,

The season is off to a great start!
Here’s the calendar of events that await you this season. 


Yoga Labs allow participants of all levels to learn progressions to favorite postures. Even if you can’t achieve the final posture, you’ll find that the fun is in creating the path to it and discovering what you can do.
This season’s Yoga Labs focus on improving hip mobility.

Assertive and gentle at the same time – Pigeon postures
Saturday, Nov. 5 | 9am to 12pm | Studio BleuYoga, Brossard

Did you know that there is more than one pigeon posture? In this lab workshop, you will learn all about them and their unique way of teaching us to develop strength and stability while keeping a tender heart.

Fun for all levels

The Spirit of Hanuman
Saturday Dec. 3rd | 9am to 12pm | Studio BleuYoga, Brossard

Hanuman is the monkey god who represents devotion and courage. In this workshop, we will explore the impetus of these qualities in the yogic context and move towards Hanuman’s pose: front splits (Hanumanasana in Sanskrit).

Fun for all levels

Online Classes

Here’s how it works:
I register the class based on the average needs and goals of the students who signed up. Each week covering a new therapeutic topic and I address proper alignment and breathing.

The recording will be uploaded by Tuesday afternoon. I will send you a notification.

You practice on your own schedule.


– Practice at home.
– Create your own schedule.
– Comment or ask questions after class and I’ll respond via email.
– Make a special request and I will answer you directly in one of the next videos.
– Ability to repeat lessons or go back to past lessons whenever you want.
– You do not need a special chair for this practice. Any firm, stationary chair with a backrest and no armrests will do.

You don’t need a special chair for this practice. Any firm chair with a backrest and no armrests will do.

Enjoy the colors of the season!
Photo of my hike at Mont Saint-Bruno 2 weeks ago.  The colors have already changed so much since then!

Fall picture

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