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The art of practicing and teaching Anusara yoga starts here!


The Anusara Yoga 200-hour immersion & teacher training is a one of a kind alignment-based, tantric-inspired, Hatha Yoga training program that trains yoga students to become not only great yoga students but skilled yoga teachers in a specialized form of yoga. The core curriculum trains participants in the art of practicing and art of teaching Anusara yoga. 

The training is a 2 part program. While Part 1 (100-hour Immersion) focuses on studentship and immersing into one’s own practice of Anusara yoga, Part 2 focuses on teaching methodology, and focuses on developing participants knowledge and confidence to teach alignment-based, tantric-inspired Hatha yoga classes as skillful Anusara Elements™ or Anusara-Inspired™ teachers.

Those who do not wish to do a full teacher training can register for the Immersion (Part 1) only and add the teacher training portion later if they change their mind.


There are presently no dates on schedule. Please request to be added to the waiting list and we’ll notify you when registrations open for the next training. 


Part 1 - 100-hour Yoga Immersion

What makes a great yoga teacher? A great yoga student! This is why Part 1 of the 200-hour teacher training is dedicated to immersing students into the practice and study of yoga as a tradition and lifepath. As a unique study program, the Immersion Training will help you develop and deepen your yoga/meditation practice, expand your knowledge of the Anusara yoga method and of the major topics of study in the yogic tradition. 

Through in-class lectures, group activities, asana practices, journaling and home study activities, you’ll explore the following subjects:

  • The Anusara yoga method (in practice), including:
    • The fundamentals of Non-dual Tantric Philosophy
    • Universal Principles of Alignment™ 
    • Anusara yogalabs and workshops
  • Yoga History, philosophy and a study of the popular yogic views and their texts including: Karma yoga, Classical Yoga, and Classical Tantric Yoga 
  • Anatomy of movement
  • Subtle body anatomy (including the chakras)
  • Pranayama 
  • Tantric Meditation 
  • Ayurveda & Lifestyle
  • Ethics
  • And more!

Part 2 - 100-hour Teaching Yoga

Now that students have bathed in the yogic teachings (through the 100-hour Immersion) and have deepen their personal relationship with yoga, Part 2 teaches participants how to teach what they learned. By learning how to use the Anusara teaching tools and practicing using those tools, participants will gain and develop the knowledge, skill and confidence to teach uplifting and inspiring alignment-based, tantric-inspired Hatha yoga classes. Those who wish to continue towards Anusara licensing will be able to do so upon graduation. 

In addition to expanding on the topics covered in Part 1, in Part 2 participants will engage in the the following subjects:  

  • Anusara yoga teaching methodology
  • Teach yoga classes that honor the roots and tradition of yoga,
  • Class planning and sequencing
  • Teaching with a theme,
  • Teaching with the Universal Principles of Alignment™,
  • Teaching pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy,
  • Therapeutics,
  • Observing and Assisting students
  • The business of yoga
  • The ethics of teaching yoga,
  • Practical experience teaching groups and one-to-one
  • And more…


ALL applicants must meet the following minimum prerequisites:

1- Minimum 5 years of experience in yoga, at least 1x/week.

2- Minimum 12 months of experience in Anusara yoga at least 1x/week.

3- In good physical and mental condition and available to attend all scheduled dates.


The 200-hour Immersion & Teacher Training develops skillful yoga students and yoga teachers who are well rooted in their yoga practice and the yoga tradition. 
Participants are invited to join the 100-hour immersion or full 200-hour program for personal development or as part of their journey towards teaching yoga. 
To obtain full credit and graduate from this program, students will be assessed in the following categories: 

In-Class Participation

In class participation is required for all scheduled sessions.

Homework Assignments

All homework, class observations and home study assignments must be successfully completed.

Personal Practice

Students are expected to maintain a regular yoga practice and to log a minimum of 30-hours of Anusara yoga classes/workshops (outside of the 100/200-hour curriculum) by the time of graduation.


Students moving towards teacher training graduation, will be evaluated throughout the program on their ability to apply the teaching tools towards leading a group yoga class, as set by the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

Final Exam

A final written exam will be administered at the end of the Teacher Training portion of the 200-hours.


This 200-hour teacher training program meets and exceeds the teacher training requirements set by the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga and by Yoga Alliance



200-hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Program (Part 1 & 2)
$3400 (plus tax)

100-hour Anusara Yoga Immersion (Part 1 only)
$1925 (plus tax)

The above prices include the $300 deposit due upon submission of your application
Please contact us if you require a payment plan.

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