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On-demand yoga classes designed to meet your therapeutic needs.

Therapeutic Chair Yoga
New season starts Jan.10. 2023

Therapeutic Chair Yoga is an on-demand specialty course designed to serve those who are looking for:

  • A more supported yoga practice that uses a chair for support and doesn’t require sitting or getting up from the floor, 
  • Quality instruction that teaches proper alignment and speaks to the average needs of the students registered,
  • Classes that are gentle enough to follow at your own pace, yet still offers some challenges to help progressively build strength and endurance.
  • Classes that respect the yoga tradition, philosophy and celebrate the beauty of life. 
  • Weekly classes that you can practice more than once a week on your own time. 

Language: Bilingual (French/English)

  • A stable chair, with a backrest and without armrests.
  • A regular belt or a yoga belt.
  • 1 Yoga brick/block 

Register for Winter 2023 session (starts January 10th):

  1. Follow the yellow button to send an email to Jeannine.  
  2. Send your payment by electronic transfer to,
  3. Jeannine will confirm your payment once it is received. (Payment via PayPal is accepted from international students living outside of Quebec. All fees are in indicated in Canadian dollars)
Practice with classes from past seasons:
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