Anusara® Yoga & Naturotherapy

Dedicated to Exploring

Learn about your body, improve posture and explore the possibility of naturally managing chronic pain.

Calm your mind and focus on what really matters to you.

Cultivate clarity and compassion, so that you can free yourself from suffering and experience greater freedom.


Immerse yourself in this 5000 year old practice of body-mind-spirit, that will help you become a master of your life.


Approach life holistically and with more optimism in order to experience the possibilities that are waiting for you.


Anusara Yoga

The Anusara yoga is a self-empowering, spiritual and postural yoga practice. Philosophical teachings of oneness are weaved with principles of alignment, inspiring self-exploration and discovery.


Yoga therapy in a private 1-1 session. Sessions focus on bringing the body-mind-spirit back into their optimal alignment and re-establishing our natural ability to care for ourselves.


Take your self-study to a deeper level with specialized trainings focusing on a specific field or aspect of the yoga practice.

Jeannine Plaiche, B.A.

Jeannine is a Certified Anusara® yoga teacher, naturotherapist and travel enthusiast. Her highest intention is to help guide people towards their inner source of abundance and wisdom. Jeannine’s classes are unique in that students learn something new every class. For her, yoga more than just a physical practice, it’s a way of life and a practice that helps us develop the tools to overcome obstacles and truly enjoy life. Each class is themed and inspired by her own life journey; a fusion of yogic psychology, philosophy, anatomy lessons, meditation techniques, and practical knowledge that she’s gathered over the years.

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