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I’m an experienced yoga teacher, yoga therapist and mobility specialist dedicated to helping others discover inner source of abundance and wisdom.

"Yoga is more than just a physical practice, it’s a discipline, a way of being and a practice that develops our ability to fully embrace life's challenges and to enjoy life."

I’m a bilingual, alignment-based Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, with over 20 years of practice. My mission is to help people discover their potential and find freedom from chronic pain, through intelligent movement and meditation. I believe that with the right knowledge and practices, all people who wish to, can move better, breathe better and be free.

I discovered yoga after a sports injury and ACL knee surgery. I was a gold level figure skater and coach but I also practiced dance, martial arts and other sports and activities. I completed a bachelors degree in psychology, was trained in Anusara yoga, Hatha, prenatal, and Therapeutic yoga. Along with my yoga certifications, I’m also a certified FRC® Mobility Specialist, a HeartMath® Certified Practitioner and long-standing member of the ANQ. 

I’ve served at all levels of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga global organization, from volunteering on the Board of Directors and various committees (2013-2020) and serving as Mentor and Assessor in the certification process for newer teachers (2015-2022), to working as Director of Professional Development (2020-2022). As an Anusara yoga teacher (2011-2024) I taught at festivals, led teacher trainings and workshops locally and internationally.

Yoga is such a vast discipline that science is slowly starting to catch up with. My favorite subjects are functional anatomy, yogic philosophy and the energy body. I love observing the play between movement and stillness, contemplating the nature of ignorance and exploring how the life force manifests and can be maintained through physical practice.

In my teaching, I do my best to balance playfulness and concentration. I have great respect for yoga as a 2500-year old tradition and believe that there is a lot more precision we can bring to the yoga practice, especially in light of advancements in science and its studies on the human body and mind. Therefore I continue to refine my knowledge and my style of teaching to integrate new understandings of human movement that support and align with yoga’s spiritual intention of self-recognition and of experiencing life’s abundance. (Learn more about my teaching approach)

While my primary yoga teachers are Robin Golt and Christopher “Hareesh” Wallis, I’ve had the chance of studying with great renowned teachers in and outside of the yoga community, including: Barrie Risman, Carina Raisman, Mark Dyczkowski, Sally Kempton, Bill Mahony and Thomas Myers. I’ve received shaktipat-diksha in the Siddha Yoga tradition, and my world view and inspiration for my teachings align best with the all-embracing view of Classical Non-Dual Tantra (aka: Kashmir Shaivism).

Outside of teaching and my own formal practice, I enjoy traveling, mountain hiking, discovering new activities and spending quality time with friends and family. I’m a proud daughter of immigrant parents, from Portugal and Mauritius, who enjoys learning new languages. I dabble in singing and playing music, and I maintain a generally optimistic, curious and playful outlook on life. My main goal in life is to continue optimizing my health, wellbeing and self-expression, while continuing to be of service to others. OM

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