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Hi there! I’m an experienced certified Anusara® yoga teacher and naturotherapist specializing in alignment-based yoga therapy. My highest intention is to help guide people towards their source of abundance and inner wisdom. Yoga is more than just a physical practice, it’s a discipline, a way of being and a practice that develops our ability to embrace challenges and to truly enjoy life. My students like that my classes are always different, I inspire contemplation, bridge spirituality and science and I try to be funny (emphasis on try.…). I bring to my students what I myself have learned, practiced and benefited from over my last 20 years of practice. The following is a little bit about my story and background.

Yoga has been a part of my life since 2003, two years after a ski accident and subsequent ACL knee surgery and in my first year of University where I realized I needed help juggling life, managing performance anxiety. I initiated myself by attending meditation classes and bought my first Rodney Yee – Yoga for Athletes VHS to start practicing at home. Yoga and meditation helped me regain my full mobility but also my confidence. By 2008 I had won 2 regional competitions in my sport of figure skating (qualifying me to skate in the Quebec provincials), I completed my psychology degree, gained certificates in personal training and nutrition, and graduated from a life transforming yoga teacher training.  

2008 was the year I feel I found my authentic self. Yoga inspires, encourages and provides tools for introspection, personal development and self-discipline in mind body and spirit. On my journey  I’ve been able to heal childhood wounds, bring closure to toxic relationships,  discover the true meaning of love and find my sense of inner abundance and peace. Although it’s an ongoing process of self-discovery, yoga consistently reminds me to never underestimate the creative life-force that lives inside of all of us. Its potential is infinite. 

I consider myself a highly curious person. I am passionate about learning and love anything that brings me to a better understanding of the inner dynamics of movement and stillness. My studies mainly focus on the following subjects: anatomy/biomechanics, physiology of fascia, somatics, energy body anatomy, cosmology, and classical non dual tantric philosophy. My teachings are also inspired by those transmitted by my teachers (in order of live appearance in my life): Barrie Risman (E-RYT500), Robin Golt (E-RYT500), Sally Kempton, Carina Raisman (E-RYT500), Bill Mahony (Ph.D), Mark Dyczkowski(Ph.D), Thomas Myers, and Christopher Wallis (Ph.D)

I love traveling and am a dual citizen of Canada and Portugal and therefore occasionally teach internationally, presenting workshops at yoga festivals and studios. I love working in humble spaces and sharing my yoga practice with others.

I have a lot of energy and live life with enthusiasm but I also take time to ground myself by retreating into my studies, sitting in quiet meditation, resting with a cup of tea and a good book, taking long walks, or spending quality time with my partner and family.  I recently learned how to play the ukulele during the covid pandemic and thoroughly enjoy the creative aspect of playing music; singing and dancing too.

Yoga has taught me many lessons, the most valuable being how to recognize the beauty of life and and enjoy being in my own skin whatever life throws at me. It’s a lesson that I hope to one day master.

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“Jeannine is transforming into an expert in yoga training, meditation, and philosophy. I enjoy her teachings from movement, strength, flexibility, as well as her stories of personal growth and achievement.”
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