My main intention is to guide students towards experiencing and understanding the intelligence of their human body-mind. Whether a student’s intention is to gain tools for managing chronic pain or to reach spiritual enlightenment, when we understand and experience how the body is connected to the rest of nature, a sense of freedom and joy naturally arise, it becomes easier to harmonize with life and achieve our goals. 

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self - The Bhagavad Gita

Everything I teach is inspired by my own experience and yogic journey: From my 20+ year background as a trained athlete (figure skating, dance, martial arts and soccer), to my studies in Anusara yoga, yoga therapy, psychology, myofascial/somatic movement and bodywork.

My life journey, world travels and self-study, thus far, have taught me that it is possible to unfold our potential through self-awareness, movement and a simple willingness to be a student of life.

My approach can be described as a balance between open exploration and purposeful alignment principles. Sessions are detail oriented, interactive and anchored by a clear strategy, intention or philosophical purpose. Students can expect to learn something new each class/session and are given ample time to pause, feel and breathe. 

I’m playful, curious and dedicated to exploring the infinite possibilities available to us in this lifetime. As such, my classes are ideal for those who have an open sense of curiosity, a will to self-explore and an interest in personal development. 

When we align with the truth of Essence Nature, all that is not Truth dissolves. - Abhinavagupta, Tatrasaara

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