In my approach, my main intention is to help guide others towards experiencing a more expanded definition of self.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self - The Bhagavad Gita

My approach can be described as a balance between open exploration and principles of alignment. Sessions begin with a short introduction to begin the session with a clear strategy and purpose. I like providing a good amount of detail so that the student/client can begin to understand their own process. Students/clients can expect to learn something new each time while they breathe, feel and move.

Fundamental Principles

Fundamental to my teaching is the knowledge that each person is already complete and whole. However, in the same way that the clouds can sometimes hide the light of the sun, the tensions in our body and mind can sometimes reduce the access to our inner potential, making it harder for us to experience ourselves fully.  Yoga can provide us with new understanding and insight on how to clear away the clouds and address the source of our issues.  A sense of freedom and joy can then naturally arise, making it easier to experience inner harmony and achieve our goals. 

Additionally, I also keep in mind 2 other principles: 

  • Energy before Matter: We are energetic beings before we are material beings, therefore a multi-level approach is taken in each session to address the the possible root causes of suffering. 
  • Movement is Life: The body and brain requires the physical movement to function optimally and to maintain or improve the health of joints and tissues. 

Humans are multi-dimensional beings that are influenced by our inner and outer environments and that what often appears on the surface as chronic pain or suffering, usually has a deeper source that requires diligent and details attention. Also that flexibility, strength and mobility are essential to mitigating injuries and warding off chronic illnesses, especially those caused by a sedentary lifestyle or repetitive movement patters in sport.

Deeper than this is an understanding that we are not actually broken but completely whole and that we simply need to remove the obstacles that keep us from this knowing to realize our full potential. I take it upon myself to work with my students to explore unique avenues that may provide my students/clients with insights they wouldn’t otherwise gain from other types of yoga or therapy. 

client standing

Tools & Techniques


  • Expanding movement capacity through traditional and adapted yoga postures,
  • Posture Correction and recognizing healthy and unhealthy patterns of movement,
  • Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®) for improved joint mobility and control,
  • Education of key principles of alignment,
  • Goal oriented movement acquisition and conditioning for athletes or those in rehabilitation.


  • Breath awareness and expanding the breath 
  • Meditation
  • Stress management
  • Relaxation
  • Mindful living and lifestyle coaching
  • HearthMath® Heart Coherence techniques

When we align with the truth of Essence Nature, all that is not Truth dissolves. - Abhinavagupta, Tatrasaara

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