Breathe, feel then move.

My main intention is to guide students towards their more expanded definition of self. Fundamental to my teaching is the knowledge that each person is already complete and whole. However, in the same way that the clouds can sometimes hide the light of the sun, the tensions in our body and mind can sometimes reduce the access to our inner potential, making it harder for us to experience ourselves fully. The yoga techniques, philosophy and practices give us new understanding and insight that help better understand and clear away the clouds.  As such a sense of freedom and joy naturally arise, it becomes easier to experience inner harmony and achieve our goals. 

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self - The Bhagavad Gita

Everything I teach is inspired by my own experience and yoga journey: From my experience as a trained athlete (figure skating, dance, martial arts and soccer), to my studies in yoga, yoga therapy, psychology, myofascial/somatic movement and bodywork.

My life journey, world travels, and personal studies have taught me that it is possible to unlock our potential through self-awareness, movement, and a simple willingness to be a student of life.

My approach can be described as a balance between open exploration and principles of alignment. Sessions are detail-oriented, interactive, and anchored in a clear philosophical strategy & higher purpose. Students can expect to learn something new in each class/session and have plenty of time to breathe, feel and move.

I am a curious and seriously playful teacher, invested and dedicated to helping my students explore the possibilities available them in any given moment. While I can see each student’s potential, I also see that each person is already whole and that the yoga practice is simply a game of finding ourselves over and over again (like a game of hide and seek where we hide from ourselves and then come to the practice to find ourselves again).

My classes are ideal for those who have an open sense of curiosity, a desire to learn and be guided through new skills, and have an interest in personal development and/or spiritual growth

When we align with the truth of Essence Nature, all that is not Truth dissolves. - Abhinavagupta, Tatrasaara

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