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Union workshop at bleuyoga

SATSANG| THE ULTIMATE UNION – Introduction to the philosophy of non-duality (2 part series)

Saturday, April 20 & May 4 | 9:00am-12:00pm (6 hours total)
Studio Bleu Yoga, Brossard

“The fundamental aim of tantric [non-dual] practice is to realize, through one’s own experience, the essential nature of one’s own Being, and to identify the light in all things as the same radiant light of one’s own nature . essential. » – Christopher “Hareesh” Wallis, Ph.D.

(Satsang means spiritual discourse) This Satsang will explore the theme of “union”, through the lens of the non-dual teachings of tantric yoga.

The session will consist of a lecture, group discussions and meditative introspection. We’ll meditate and do a short asana practice to help with the integration of the teachings.

Yoga philosophy helps us connect to the deeper purpose of yoga practice. It teaches us about the timeless wisdom that has helped yogis free themselves from suffering for thousands of years. It helps us better understand who we are and gives us practical advice on how we can shift our perspective to find true, lasting happiness in the world we live in.

Non-Dual Tantra (aka: Classical Non-Dual Tantra or Kashmiri Shaivism) is a worldview, or way of seeing the world, that has been adopted by many schools of modern yoga, including Anusara yoga.

Yogic teachings on the energy body, chakras, mantras, or class themes describing the interconnected nature of things all have their origins in non-dual tantra. With a sincere understanding of philosophy, students learn to accept themselves as well as others.

*Please bring a pen and paper (or journal) for writing so that you can fully participate in the class.

6 CEU Yoga Alliance/Anusara

Price: $120  + taxes

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