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Anusara Yoga – Where Attitude, Alignment & Action Unite.

The word “Anusara” means “with the essence or flow [of Grace]”. Anusara Yoga is therefore a life-affirming practice of aligning with our complete, beautiful and blissful nature. This specialized method of Hatha yoga combines the spiritual teachings of the non-dual tantric yoga philosophy with biomechanical principles of alignment. 

In Anusara yoga, we are not just aligning the body and doing poses, we are learning how to embody the yogic teachings and aligning ourselves with the divine force within. When the body, mind and heart are aligned, we feel more open, at peace and more connected to the beauty of life. This perspective makes it easier for us to face life’s challenges and to be more accepting of the things that we cannot change. 

Somatic Yoga – A practice of meditation in movement and inward listening. 

Somatic Yoga is a gentle form of therapeutic yoga that promotes body awareness and awakening through joint mobility movements, yoga postures, and breathing. In a Somatic Yoga class, students are guided through a series of movements that open and involuntarily stretch the body. Throughout the class, students are invited to “experience the sensation of moving the body”. Somatic Yoga serves as a great preparation for regular postural yoga classes. Its main intention is to:

  • balance the nervous system,
  • help students bring movement and prana to areas of the body that may be dormant or stuck, and
  • help students manage stress or chronic pain, improve coordination and return to the present moment. 

“I’m so relaxed, I feel like I just left the massage therapist’s office.” -Somatic Yoga student.

Weekly Schedule

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INTERMEDIATE 1 – Moderate Intensity

This fun, moderate intensity class, is accessible to active students who are looking to: expand their yoga posture vocabulary, improve their postural alignment, and reconnect with the essence of life through embodied yoga postures and philosophy. 

Classes will focus on strengthening your understanding of the fundamentals while progressing towards more complex themes and yoga postures from Anusara Yoga’s Level 1 Syllabus.  

Modifications are offered for more challenging postures and all students are encouraged to respect their limits and to find their comfortable edge.

Prerequisites: While previous Anusara yoga experience is not required, students might find it helpful to have at least 6-12 months prior Hatha yoga experience. 

INTERMEDIATE 2 – Dynamic Intensity
This class is open to those with previous yoga experience who wish to deepen their practice and knowledge of Anusara yoga and the non-dual tantric philosophy that it embodies.

Similar to the Intermediate 1 class, students will learn a variety of poses from Anusara Yoga’s Level 1 Syllabus, but will also be introduced to poses from the Level 2 Syllabus. Modifications are offered for more challenging postures and all students are encouraged to respect their limits and to find their comfortable edge.

*Previous Hatha yoga or Anusara yoga experience is required (minimum 1 year of regular weekly practice) 

Beginner friendly and open to all levels.

New to yoga? Start you yoga journey here!
This class is a beginner’s practice designed to introduce students to the basic postures, alignment and fundamental philosophy of the Anusara yoga practice. An ideal class to begin your yoga journey or revisit the basics. No previous experience required. 

The winter session, 12 week session, goes from Jan. 8 to March 29, 2024. 
Visit BleuYoga website for details. (Registration is ongoing and open all season)

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