Yoga Therapy

Discover your potential and improve your health with yoga-based movement, techniques and principles, adapted to your needs.

Yoga therapy is a movement and breathing based therapy aimed at improving self-care and well-being through yoga postures, functional movement practices, healthy breathing and mindfulness practices.

Complementary to conventional medicine, yoga therapy helps individuals manage and improve a wide range physical, mental and spiritual health issues. It puts the individual first and promotes: self-acceptance, movement of body and breathing, mental focus and mindfulness.

In most cases, Yoga therapists are Yoga teachers who have followed specialized training that allows them to work 1-on-1 with clients who suffer from injuries or have been diagnosed with certain medical pathologies.

Yoga therapists are trained to:

  • Evaluate and assess client’s general physical/mental capacity and needs.
  • Approach the client’s needs in a natural and holistic manner, addressing body, mind and breathing in an attempt to address overall well-being and the source of the symptoms.
  • Highlight client’s potential and help them expand their abilities (i.e: physical and mental strength and mobility).
  • Create wellness strategies (or action plans). Plans often include a series of postures and exercises that the client is guided through during the 1-on-1 sessions, as well as practical postures, breathing exercises and/or lifestyle habits that can be practiced as homework.
  • To work in collaboration with other heath care providers and physicians, and provide clients with complimentary practices.

Although some may be highly intuitive, yoga therapists are NOT trained (or legally permitted) to:

  • Diagnose medical pathologies.
  • Prescribe medications or medical protocols.

After several sessions, yoga therapy clients often report feeling more accepting of themselves. They feel more aware of how their body functions and better aligned and equipped to manage or welcome what life has to offer them.



  • AT HOME – South Shore area
  • IN STUDIO – Brossard & Longueuil

As a member of the Association des Naturothérapeute du Québec (ANQ)
Jeannine’s approach adheres to the ANQ’s philosophy and principles of practice

Please include your postal code in your message when contacting us.

General Policies - Yoga Therapy Sessions

Disclaimer: Yoga teachers and therapists are prohibited by law to ”diagnose”, ”prescribe” treatments and offer ”cures” for health conditions. Rather, their focus is on improving general health and well-being and avoiding injury to those with health conditions.

Insurance receipts (Naturotherapy) are available upon request for private 1-1 sessions only.

Yoga therapy sessions are 60 minutes and a minimum commitment of 4 sessions is required for best results.  A TRIAL session (including initial client assessment and therapeutic session) can be booked one time if you are uncertain of which package to choose. 

When cancelling a session please cancel at least 24h before the session otherwise the session will be charged as a missed session and full fee is required. With the exceptions of medical emergencies.

The therapist reserves the right to respectfully refuse or discontinue working with a client if it is assessed that another type of therapy is better suited for the client or if the clients needs/goals fall outside the therapists scope of practice. In which case a refund of any unused dues will be issued.

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