Yoga Therapy

Private yoga therapy. At home personalized sessions.

Yoga therapy is a holistic approach that fosters wellness and self-care through movement, breath-work and stress relieving practices. It uses techniques from traditional yoga, Indian medicine and modern/western science-based approaches to assess, treat, and help move individuals towards optimal physical and mental alignment, health and overall well-being. Essentially, it serves as a compliment to western medicine and psychology and each session is tailored to your specific and overall needs needs.

What you can expect from a yoga therapy session?

Yoga therapy is most successful when therapist and client work as a team and together embrace the possibility of transformation. Each therapy session begins with a short explanation of what will be worked on in the session and why so that client can gain a better understanding of the intention behind the practice and continue to apply the principles outside of the therapy session. The therapist will then lead the client through a series of movements coordinated with the breath, helping the client in improving: quality of breathing, joint mobility, circulation, immune function, and to help improve overall body, mind and system functioning. Each session will end with a short relaxation/integration period, clients may be assigned “homework” that they can apply to their daily lives to continue improving between sessions and help maintain progress.

General Policies - Yoga Therapy Sessions

Disclaimer: Yoga teachers and naturotherapists are prohibited by law to ”diagnose”, ”prescribe” treatments and offer ”cures” for health conditions. Rather, their focus is on improving general health and well-being and avoiding injury to those with health conditions.

Insurance receipts (Naturotherapy) are available upon request for private 1-1 sessions only

Yoga therapy sessions are 60-mins long and packages are offered for those looking to commit to weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

A 25% deposit is required at time of booking. This deposit is non-refundable if session is cancelled less than 24-hours prior to to the session.

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